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VinyasacoreTM Yoga:
A flow based core strength and stability practice that has the focus shifted away from the overuse of the lower back and hamstrings, and into the functional axis of the body. Deep and warm, this is a strong practice designed to help you balance strength and flexibility in order to support not only your asana practice, but other sports and activities as well.

Add a happy dose of both contemporary and traditional spiritual philosophy along with great music, and off you go to explore your yoga in a whole new way!

VinyasacoreTM Yoga Abs:

45 min of abdominal and core stability exercises with yoga warm up and cool down.

Pilates Mat:

Combining traditional Pilates Mat, dance, and yoga core moves. Fluid and warm.


Traditional indoor cycling workout with a deeper meditative focus.  Rocking music,  with a different training zone every time! Intervals, Hills and Power, Sprinting or Endurance, with an occasional Race Day thrown in for fun.

Find your Zen on the bike, come ready to Sweat, baby!

Core Intervals:

Alternating high energy cardio intervals with core training with bosu, kettle bells, body bars, and light weights. Fast moving and intense.

Brick Workout:

secret of successful triathletes all over! 40 min bike followed by a 15 min run outside the gym (weather permitting - if rain, we stay on the bikes). Bump up your fitness level and balance out your muscle energy usage…

Therapeutic Wheelchair Yoga::

Utilizing props, we adapt more traditional poses to meet each participant's needs, and focus deeply on different breathing and meditation techniques. 60 min.

Available to private clients as well....

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