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DVD1: VinyasacoreTM Yoga by Laura Hartman


Based on vinyasa flow, this is a journey of functional strength and stability. Hot and strong, this warming practice will bring your yoga to a totally new dimension! A good companion practice to traditional vinyasa flow yoga techniques. 80 min.

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DVD2: VinyasacoreTM Yoga for Athletes


Tight and tired? This practice is based on a sports medicine concept of alternately flexing and releasing over used and under stretched joint and muscle systems. Give yourself some well-earned release and recovery to balance your training. 40 min.

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DVD3: VinyasacoreTM Yoga Abdominals


A concentrated core work-in that helps to stabilize the body's functional axis and restore postural balance and proper organ support. It is the abdominal portion of the longer VinyasacoreTM Yoga Practice. 40 min.

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DVD4: VinyasacoreTM Bundle


VinyasacoreTM Yoga Video and VinyasacoreTM Yoga for Athletes Video.

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DVD5: VinyasacoreTM for Athletes Bundle


VinyasacoreTM Yoga for Athletes Video and VinyasacoreTM Yoga Abdominals Video.

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DVD6: VinyasacoreTM Yoga Abdominals Bundle


VinyasacoreTM Yoga Abdominals Video and VinyasacoreTM Yoga Video.

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DVD7: VinyasacoreTM Yoga


This bundle contains all 3 videos

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